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Executive Coaching

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Performance Coaching

Do you feel like you should be thriving more in your professional life? Beyond your professional life, are you feeling stuck in other personal areas? It is time to start living the complete life that you "really" want...

Career Discovery Coaching

Are you trying to figure out which career you should choose? Have you chosen a career but you are unsure of the practical steps to get there?

Proactive Marriage Coaching

Do you feel that your marriage could be that much better? Do you and your spouse know what you want - but you just can't seem to get there?

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Rabbi Dr. Yosef Lynn

Yosef has been the Mashgiach Ruchani (Dean of Students) at Machon Yaakov, Jerusalem, since its inception in 2005. He holds a Doctorate in Human and Organizational Psychology (PsyD) from Touro and earned a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied under the founder of the field of Positive Psychology, Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman.

References available upon request.


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Positive Psychology

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