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Compartmentalization Seminar Testimonials

"There is a pressing need for a seminar on compartmentalization for Millennials--dealing with the distractions or opportunity posed by smartphones--to help navigate these new unregulated areas that are part of our everyday lives. Rabbi Yosef Lynn tackles the challenge head on: carefully outlining strategies, tactics and techniques in compartmentalization for the digital age, helping people feel more empowered, in-control of their phones and positive about the role of technology in our lives."

-Noah Ohringer


"Every adult faced with external pressures and responsibilities needs this clear, straightforward workshop to give them the simple tools to cope with and thrive in today's ever advancing informational world."

-Ryan Gecelter


"I thought I had structure in my life, but this seminar taught me that there is no end to the level of structure one could have. I have the practical tools to continue to grow in the organization of my life, and the encouragement from Rabbi Lynn to believe I can go for it."

-Alex Pearlman


"Because of this seminar, I feel empowered to head into various life situations that demand my full attention. I am eager to put these practices into motion!" 

-Benjamin Weber


"This seminar has allowed me to bridge my desire for further organization from thought into action. The few tools that I have implemented thus far have allowed me to deploy more undivided focus within my varying tasks leading to an increase in execution. The ideas in this course are profound yet actionable, allowing the modern day thinker to shift into a proactive approach to life’s challenges. This unprecedented period of instantaneous consumption simply cannot be mastered without understanding the ideas presented in this seminar."

-Jeffrey Kosofsky


"With the craze of life, compartmentalization is the key to being a balanced human. This seminar gave me the skills necessary to plan my life in a way that allows me to dedicate 100% of my ability to everything I do."

-Spencer Isen


"If you want to succeed in your life you must listen to this seminar."

-Nick Feld


“Rabbi Lynn's compartmentalization seminar is a life changer, catalytic! Everyone living in our fast paced world NEEDS this!”

-Harael Salkow


“A lot of great information and techniques on how to bring order and structure to manage our necessarily complex and unpredictable lives.”  

-Avraham Kovel

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