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Greatness Within Seminars

A New Model of Growth, Deeply Rooted in Torah and Jewish Thought

Personal fulfillment, success, and being all that you can be is not about fixing what's wrong with you. It's about discovering and using your strengths in a real way. Since 2005, Greatness Within Seminars has been applying a novel and immensely successful approach to personal growth. It addresses far more than personal character development.

Unlike the many modern approaches which attempt to develop character by focusing on where you are going wrong in life, Greatness Within Seminars takes the innovative Jewish (and logical) approach of focusing on where you are going right in life. Living a life of total satisfaction is not something that happens by chance or by default. It is something that must be built, and something that you indeed can build. You no longer need to look around in the world for the answers for true happiness - you just need some navigation as to where to find those answers within yourself.


Every facet of the Greatness Within Seminars is deeply rooted in the time-tested ancient wisdom of Jewish sources, and enhanced through the cutting edge research and tools of Positive Psychology, helping you discover and build the most important part of who you are: your natural strengths!


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A New Model of Growth, Deeply Rooted in Torah and Jewish Thought

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