Mountain Sunrise

Proactive Marriage Mastermind Group


This exciting group is for growth-oriented couples who are looking to get their marriage to the next level. All of us yearn to have a flourishing marriage and the goal of this group is to give VERY practical skills, new paradigms, weekly exercises, and an inspiring push to help make sure that you accomplish this goal.

If you are looking to give your marriage the boost that it deserves--you have come to the right place.

I have seen too often that couples that have been married for a period of time: 

  • Stop making an effort for each other 

  • The freshness fades 

  • The sense that the relationship is growing seems to be a foreign concept

  • Don’t feel seen, understood and appreciated

  • Feel overwhelmed by life--therefore lack the energy and bandwidth to pour energy into themselves or their spouse 

  • Overall, feel uninspired and disheartened

But we all know that great marriages are built and they need investment--especially as things begin to plateau. Let’s make it happen!

Main topics covered in the sessions:

  • Enhancing communication

  • Keeping marriage fresh

  • Improving your respect for one another

  • How to have difficult conversations

  • Working on your own issues that impact your marriage

  • How to support and build your spouse

  • The importance of self-care

  • Using your marriage to positively build your children

  • Creating more intimacy

A few of the outcomes:

  • More connected

  • More mutual respect that is easily felt (and seen by others) 

  • Excited to invest in each other

  • More openness and honesty without fear of being judged and shut down


  • 8 weeks | 1 session of 75 min. per week via Zoom (all sessions will be recorded)

  • WhatsApp group for communication between each session for building accountability and sharing relevant resources

  • Each couple will have a private 60 min. session at the end of the program

Next steps:

Please reach out to get more information about: upcoming groups, next steps​, payment, any questions that you may have, etc.