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Nurture Their Nature

When our children and students ask,

  • What makes me unique?

  • How do I find my path in life?

  • Can I make a difference in the world? 


they are poised to flourish. Our job, as parents and teachers, is to guide them on their journeys of self-discovery. This book lights the way with the wisdom of Torah from a stunning spectrum of sources, empowering us to "nurture their nature."


This sourcebook is a companion volume to our original book. Ideal for learning one-on-one, facilitating a group workshop or a semester syllabus. It contains ONLY the sources from the book (without any of the narrative).


"Based on a breathtaking array of writings by Jewish sages, from Talmudic times until our own age, with startling insights into their teachings, the book presents a case for self-knowledge as the key to reaching each individual’s potential.... Anyone from a beginner to a developed scholar will benefit from reading this book."

HaRav Aharon Feldman

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