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Performance Coaching

Are you looking for more fulfillment in your professional life?

Seeking better work-life balance?

Having trouble setting and committing to goals you set in and outside of work?

Performance Coaching helps you gain clarity on what your main obstacles are that lead to the various roadblocks in your development. We will work together to identify those roadblocks and make effective changes that can help you overcome those obstacles to live a more fulfilling, productive life. 


Signing up for Performance Coaching will help you:

  1. Gain clarity on your main obstacles that lead to roadblocks.

  2. Identify effective changes to overcome those obstacles and achieve higher performance.


Ready to improve your performance? Reach out to get information regarding next steps, payment and any further questions you may have.

"For years, I struggled to synthesize my unique skill set and inner calling with the demands of the marketplace. Amid the complex global workforce, I am among the 13% of all employees who can honestly report that I am engaging in my life mission every day. I wake up excited to perform meaningful work that I love, and I attribute my clarity and subsequent impact to the guidance that came from the honest and structured coaching from Rabbi Lynn."

Yosef, Community Manager at WeWork

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