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Compartmentalization Seminar

Are you seeking better work-life-balance?

Have so much on your plate but not sure how to manage it all effectively?


All too often, we become overwhelmed by everything we are balancing at once:

  • Trying to close a deal at work with a potential client

  • Dealing with a conflict at work

  • Dealing with some funding issues with your company

  • Recovering from a difficult conversation that you had with your spouse

  • Dealing with a child that is struggling in school

  • Your doctor wants you to watch your cholesterol

  • You are planning a surprise birthday party for your parent

The list goes on...

How do we balance all of this? Without being able to compartmentalize the numerous tasks at hand, we are faced with obstacles, including a lack of focus, difficulty being present and looming stress and anxiety.


The goal of this seminar is to give you practical tools to help you not only balance all of the different areas of your life, but to be able to give each area the time and focus that it deserves.


This online seminar consists of 15 10-15 minute sessions. You can listen to them at your convenience, though we encourage you to maintain a pace to complete it over the course of four weeks in order to maximize the insights and tools given in this seminar. A PDF will be given at the start of the seminar that will serve as the text for all of the lectures.


Ready to achieve healthier work-life balance? Please reach out to get more information about: next steps​, payment, any questions that you may have, etc.

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