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Not A Partnership

Why We Keep Getting Marriage Wrong & How We Can Get It Right

It may be true that divorce rates are declining, but if one were to ask why, well, the answer is simple: fewer people want a marriage altogether. As society has looked inward towards self-centeredness as the ultimate aim, rather than outward and towards the other, marriage’s key pillar – giving – has been the biggest casualty. Clearly, it is time to re-define what a healthy marriage is, and how we can get one, not only reviving the casualty, but transforming the relationship into the center of our well-being, security and happiness.

Looking through their unique lens, the authors give the reader an in depth definition of what marriage is – and what it is not – by combining some of the world's oldest wisdom with 21st century research and insight.


What Experts Have Said

“In Not A Partnership, Jacobs and Lynn provide couples with a spicy combination of current research, ancient wisdom and pithy language designed to provoke them into radical new thinking about what marriage is and offers them effective ways to create a thriving relationship. Their message is simple and profound: marriage is not about receiving. It is about giving. And they provide the reader with the science and consequences for the relationship. We recommend this book to all couples who want a fresh take on marriage and to all therapists who want more satisfaction in helping couples thrive.”

Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D.
co-authors of Giving the Love That Heals: A Guide for Couples

Short Class

This is a brief overview of the fundamental ideas behind the book. See our YouTube channel for more short videos, podcasts, etc.

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