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Workbook Seminar

The biggest obstacle that gets in the way of living one's life according to one's natural strengths is not knowing what those natural strengths are. How does one discover his or her natural strengths?

The Workbook Seminar gives you a holistic understanding of your strengths and the awareness to utilize those strengths effectively. 


The basic seminar consists of two elements: the lectures and the workbook.


The lectures provide the direction of the seminar. These lectures contain:

  • The fundamental Torah sources that describe the importance and obligation of living one's life according to one's strengths.

  • A clear look at some of the practical steps of growth given by many of the great leaders of the Mussar movement, such as Rabbi Yisrael Salanter, the Alter of Slobodka, the Alter of Kelm, Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe, and more.

  • Some of the newest research and insights from Positive Psychology about the importance of using one's natural strengths.

  • How to carry out the specific exercises in the workbook.

  • How to gather productive information from the workbook.

The accompanying workbook to the seminar contains various written and analytical exercises that compel you to dig deep and discover the treasures within yourself. Exact directions for how to complete the workbook, and, more importantly, how to extract the necessary information from within yourself, will be given.


The online seminar will contain 10 sessions which can be listened to at your leisure. Extra private coaching session (additional cost): Rabbi Lynn will be available for a one-on-one meeting (either 30 or 60 min.) at the end of the seminar to discuss your experience, results and future plans.



Ready to tap into your natural strengths? Please reach out to get more information about: next steps​, payment, any questions that you may have, etc.

Endorsed by Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. & Rabbi Noach Orlowek​​

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