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Positive Education Seminar

Positive Psychology is a cornerstone of the field of Positive Education. The infusion of Positive Education principles into the standard academic curriculum enhances the well-being of both students and teachers as they learn to identify and harness their natural strengths. The results extend way beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

In this seminar teachers will learn:

  1. The value of implementing the principles of Positive Education into their classroom. 

  2. How to build an educational environment in which students identify their natural strengths and make optimal use of them in their learning.

  3. To customize their teaching style and methods according to their individual natural strengths thereby maximizing their ability to effectively educate.

This seminar is interactive, methodical, researched-based and empowering--with a clear focus on building a flourishing classroom. This seminar contains three 70-minute sessions. It is ideal if it is spread over three consecutive days (this can be discussed).


"Developing a positive school culture is simultaneously one of the most important and one of the most difficult tasks of a school. Rabbi Dr. Yosef Lynn's three-day seminar was instrumental in inspiring our teachers with the habits of mind, tools, and approaches to Positive Psychology and education. His engaging, practical, and highly energetic teaching approach resonated greatly with all of us. We are so thankful for his foundational work with our teachers and school."


Moshe Hecht, Vice Principal
The Jewish Academy (Hollywood, FL)

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