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Career Discovery Coaching

"For years, I struggled to synthesize my unique skill set and inner calling with the demands of the marketplace. Amid the complex global workforce, I am among the 13% of all employees who can honestly report that I am engaging in my life mission every day. I wake up excited to perform meaningful work that I love, and I attribute my clarity and subsequent impact to the guidance that came from the honest and structured coaching from Rabbi Lynn."

Yosef, Community Manager at WeWork


"Being good in many areas of life made it difficult for me to choose one career path. Rabbi Lynn helped me to narrow the focus, cut out the distractions, and zoom in on my inherent nature which showed through to exactly what I should be doing in this world."

Jeremy, Family Therapist​

"He has a magic that I have rarely come across. He is an extremely talented individual who possesses a rare skill set combination. He has a remarkable ability to be present with his clients and to connect quickly, effectively and with genuine warmth--allowing him to enter their world and to understand their specific needs and requirements. In addition to these highly developed personal skills, he is gifted with a practical intelligence and understanding of how to get things done. He intuitively understands human nature and the science of achievement. This powerful combination of skills allows him to take his deep understanding of your personal situation and to convert your direction and goals into a practical and achievable plan.

With his natural and sincere warmth, high skill level and deeply respectful manner, I personally guarantee that he could literally change your life for the better. Trust me, that checking in with him and working with him to discover your talents, strengths and passions, could be the single most important step that you make towards discovering your inner greatness, clarifying your real goals and unleashing your passion for an exciting future."

Rabbi Yoni Hamilton, Therapist/Private Practice

London, UK

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