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Workbook Seminar Testimonials

"Doing this workbook was an extremely rewarding and enlightening experience. Figuring out yourself is the single biggest element of what you can do to ensure success in every aspect of your life. This workbook guides you through that process to help you guide the rest of your life."
-Michael Feldman, Michigan 


"Doing the workbook changed my life. I discovered my strengths and how to channel them to live a happier and better life. I highly recommend this seminar and exercise to anyone looking to grow as a person and uncover their hidden potential."
-Bob Barocas, New Jersey

Owner of More Clicks More Clients

"This workbook is simple enough for anyone to use but the outcome is deep and unique to each person to help with his or her specific personality and traits."
-Roman Koraych, Minnesota


"I thought I knew myself, and was skeptical that this workbook would reveal anything about me that I didn't already grasp. But I was wrong. This workbook forces deep introspection within a structured framework and the result is an exceptionally clear picture of you. With such a framework, my self-image may never have come into such sharp focus."
-Alex Strassman, Miami

Attorney at Law

"Rabbi Lynn's workbook is a well crafted activity that has caused me to be more aware of my strengths. It's positively affected my self confidence and has helped me do some very helpful introspection."
-Ben Rosner, New York 

High School Mathematics Teacher

"The Workbook Seminar is a phenomenally effective system of getting to know yourself, your abilities, and of setting a positive, productive course for life."
-Dovid Brodsky, Pennsylvania 

Law School Applicant

"Rabbi Lynn's Workbook Seminar is the most well-thought-out and effective tool available today to the Jewish student seeking to engage in serious personal introspection. When executed with a serious mindset and within the program's guidelines, the Workbook Seminar will allow a student to obtain personal insights which have the potential to allow a person (and his family) to live the most successful, enjoyable, and meaningful life possible!"
-Judd Millman, Maryland 

Attorney at Law

"The Workbook Seminar helped me ascertain my unique, natural strengths and encouraged me to use these strengths to make an impact in this world."
-Aaron Gold, Toronto 


"Doing the Workbook Seminar was one of the greatest transformational experiences I ever had. I used to think that I know myself. But only after doing this project was I able to really pinpoint clearly what are my strengths and what are the types of environments and relationships that motivate me the most. This information is allowing me to make the most out of life... in my marriage, career, and in all important areas.

During the process itself I was forced to travel back to key moments of my life and relive them, and to appreciate the decisions that I made and the impact that I had. This provided me with a repertoire of memories that now I can easily access.

I highly recommend this exercise to any person who wants to grow in any area of life and to find the compass and the path to become the person that he's supposed to become."
-Shlomo Simkins, Miami 


"This workbook proved to be a powerful exercise. It has been a major force and turning point in my life. The workbook guided me to better self-awareness which has provided me with confidence and clarity to make major life decisions. Rabbi Lynn's caring and passionate approach drives you to discover your Greatness Within."
-Ari Kafka, Israel 

Former Professional Baseball Pitcher

"As we traverse through the roller-coaster ride of life, the world often causes us to place masks on ourselves, disguising the true essence of who we are. Many people live through the majority of their life having worked in a profession they wished they didn't, married a woman they wish they hadn't, and having tried to maintain friendships they simply couldn't. Through Rabbi Yosef Lynn's Workbook Seminar, I have had the unique opportunity of digging deep into the root of what makes me who I am, discovering the power of living life in the driver's seat, and gaining the tools necessary to engage the world more successfully, only to laugh at the proverbial masks that the world imposed on me."
-Alex Sigal, Israel 


"Rabbi Lynn pushes you to dig deep down in yourself and focus on the positives. His blend of seriousness and warmth results in his students achieving their goals and feeling positive about their abilities."
-Jeremy Rovinsky, Washington D.C.

Attorney at Law

"Few resources help a person honestly discover one's inner-self. The Workbook Seminar is precisely such a resource, forcing one into a greater self-awareness, discovery of one's inner strengths, understanding of one's weaknesses, and clarity of life's direction. Most definitely recommended!"
-David Bratslavsky, Ohio 


"The Workbook Seminar changed my life. It allowed me to begin a process of self-discovery that has continued over this past year and has helped me create deeper relationships with my friends and family. Perhaps most importantly, this workbook has helped me to discern the path in life that is best for me, and it has given me the confidence to make concrete decisions in order to begin moving down that path."
-Jason Dean, New York 

Medical School

"While I was working through the workbook, I discovered patterns in my relationships and interactions that gave me greater self-awareness. After spending months on this project, I came to new realizations about what I wanted in a career and in a spouse. Perhaps more importantly, I gained a much greater understanding of my strengths - some surprising - and how they impact my friends and colleagues. I am now happily married, and my wife thanks Rabbi Lynn daily."
-Natan Lord, New York 


"Our ultimate goal is to reach our potential in our service of Hashem. Any accomplishment to that end without the intimate understanding of ourselves is almost entirely incidental. This workbook is instrumental in acquiring the necessary knowledge of ourselves, which subsequently allows us to make choices and undertake actions that align our existence with our purpose."
-Yuriy Zelikovich, Maryland 

MBA Candidate

"As the group coordinator, I was amazed at how smoothly the seminar ran. The seminar was both professional and organized - Rabbi Lynn updated the group each week with any logistical information, reminders, and source sheets for the upcoming session, and even sent out weekly inspirational videos. Additionally, despite our large group call-in on Skype, we experienced minimal technical interruptions. On the call, Rabbi Lynn was eager to answer any questions and was available to meet with students or answer questions outside of class. Given this, it was a pleasure to both coordinate and participate in the seminar."

-Yael Seruya, Jerusalem

The Workbook Seminar Coordinator


"In today's society, most people turn to external factors in the search for happiness. However, Rabbi Lynn's seminar emphasizes that the key to living a meaningful and fulfilled life starts with you - it’s internal. He not only proves this to be true through his classes and reading materials, but also helps each participant find his or her unique strengths and provides practical ways to apply that vital information to one’s life.


Through this seminar, I have gained clarity as to how to lead my life according to my strengths. Not only have I developed more self-awareness as to what those strengths are, but also the process has increased my confidence through recognizing my abilities and realizing that just as everyone has a unique mission in life, they also have unique qualities to complete that mission. Happiness starts within.


I thank Rabbi Lynn for being so available and enlightening through this process; he has become a real mentor."

-Jennifer April, New York

University of Michigan Graduate

Director of Operations @ The Brownstone in N.Y.C.


"The Workbook Seminar is an energizing exercise in self-discovery. Rabbi Lynn equipped me with the tools and the confidence necessary to design a life catered to my true strengths. The seminar gives individuals heightened awareness of unique qualities that make each one of us special. This has been an incredible journey!"

-Rebecca Simoff, Boston

Boston University Graduate

Accountant @ Ernst and Young


"The Workbook Seminar forces you to think deeply about the aspects of yourself and of life that are instrumental in personal growth and life satisfaction. It gives you an opportunity to figure out what’s important to you and how you can capitalize on what you’re great at and love doing. It’s a useful way to put things in perspective and even learn new things about yourself."

-Michal Olsha, Jerusalem

Wharton @ University of Pennsylvania Graduate


"The Workbook Seminar impacted me far more deeply than I could have imagined. Through hours of self-reflection within an effective and guided workbook, I identified my strengths and developed a plan to best utilize them. The seminar has impacted many areas of my life that I couldn’t have imagined: it has changed my approach to religion, relationships, and career choices. I’m sure the full impacts of the webinar cannot yet be fully seen; I look forward to seeing them continue to creep into my daily life."

-Sari Leventhal, Philadelphia

University of Pennsylvania Graduate

Ph.D. Candidate in Nursing


"The Workbook Seminar guides you through a deep self-assessment, helping you understand both the complex aspects of your personality and the simple ones that you’ve been ignoring or running away from. With his wisdom, patience, compassion, and good humor, Rabbi Lynn helps each student form a personalized plan of how to use who you are to become who you want to be."

-Jessica Gerber, Philadelphia

University of Pennsylvania Graduate

Associate Project Manager @ National Analysts Worldwide


"The seminar enables you to gain clarity on your strengths and figure out how you can live according to those strengths in every facet of life, thereby being the "greatest" person you can be. This paradigm-shifting experience was invaluable, even for someone like me who is self-aware. Rabbi Yosef Lynn draws on Torah sources and Positive Psychology to bring home the idea that living by our strengths is how we fulfill our God-given purpose and truly live "the good life." I recommend it to everyone."

-Jenna Shweitzer, Philadelphia

University of Pennsylvania Graduate

Law School, University of Pennsylvania

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